My name is Christina and I’m a food writer. I started writing on Substack in March 2024 because I was searching for a place where I could share my recipes without having to worry about algorithms, AI or selling my soul to an ad company. My time here so far has surprised me. The voice I learned to silence long ago in order to please Google has started to speak again. I can feel it knocking on the door, as if to say: Hey, remember me? Remember all those stories we used to share? Let’s do that again.

Nothing brings people together like good food.

Food is a love language. If you want to connect with people, one of the simplest things you can do is make delicious food to share with them. It doesn’t matter if they’re family, friends - or friends waiting to happen. Make something tasty and they’ll lean in.

At the core, all of my recipes are about bringing people together. I’m not a charming extrovert like my husband, and I’m not a talented budding engineer like my son - but I can knock your socks off with unique recipes that make your mouth water.

Many of my breakfast ideas were created for my family’s Sunday morning meetings. We started this tradition when my son was young, and have continued into his teen years. Each month we pick a book, then we gather around the breakfast table to dig into ideas and food together.

My desserts were mostly developed for the teens who play Dungeons & Dragons at our house every month. I love making treats they can enjoy while slaying demons and battling beholders. I think of myself as the friendly medieval tavern owner who feeds wandering travelers.

Food has a remarkable way of cultivating relationships. I hope my recipes and stories will add meaning and deliciousness to your days.

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Each and every recipe I share has gone through at least two rounds of testing. Then is made a third time when I photograph and shoot a video of the recipe. Many of my recipes have been tested by my teen and official “kitchen helper.” I figure if a 14-year-old can successfully make a recipe it’s probably pretty solid right?

Every recipe includes ingredient notes, tips to help you successfully make it, and a printable version of the recipe. I also include step-by-step photos when they might be helpful and sometimes a video showing you how to do everything from start-to-finish.

All of my photos, videos and recipes are original content. I don’t use stock photos or videos, ever. (I get this question a lot, which I guess is a compliment if folks think my content looks professional!)

Why Sunny Side?

The name of this newsletter was inspired by one of my favorite songs, “The Sunny Side of the Street.” There are several versions, one by Frank Sinatra and another by Steve Tyrell being two of the best. However, my favorite is the one by Louis Armstrong:

I have a traditional food blog, Sunny Side Suppers, that focuses on dinner ideas. So, here on Substack, I decided to share my breakfast and dessert recipes. I also share some of the food stories that I haven’t been able to share on my regular site.

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I'm a home cook & baker with more than 20 years experience in the kitchen. When I'm not whipping up something tasty, you can usually find me in the garden or reading a good book. Yes, I'm exciting like that. 😉